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Swim Log is the market leading software for swimmers. With the latest upgrade featuring features for long distance swimmers and allowing you to log information for unlimited swimmers.

Features in recent releases include. Logging of Bike and Run times and distances, swimmers CV. Options to change front screen to show last 16 weeks long swims, runs and bike rides. 25 Yard pool option. Triathlon and multi-event logging, screen switch to show PB's, targets or difference, modern triathlon logging.


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Established in 2005 and now with thousands of users Swim Log is the most popular software package for swimmers with users in over 20 countries. See our Fact sheet outlining features for multi-stroke club swimmers, Triathletes and long distance swimmers. At only £17.99 Swim Log is the best priced item of sports kit you will buy.

Most recent upgrade 3.7.5 Feb 2013.
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Swim Log allows swimmers to keep their own records of their swimming activities and has been designed taking the input and requests from swimmers at various clubs, poolside helpers, coaches, and keen parents. it is a simple to use Windows based product that is now the most popular logging software for swimmers in the UK. Version 3 now with features for long distance swimmers and triathletes including bike and run logging.
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Log training distance and full session details Log swim times and see improvements weekly training distance
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Swim Log is perfect for the individual swimmer or swimming family.
Swimmers can be created and records kept of all timed swims, training distances, coach's comments and long distance swims.
Swim Log shows personal best times, the improvement history over time, and performance against set targets.
It also shows monthly training distances over a rolling 12 months and 16 weeks. Best Time files can be created, swapped with other users and imported into Swim Log and then compared with your times. Results are shown as times and distance. New features in 3 include unlimited swimmers, fast switch the main screen between times and targets, automatic creation of Pace Swimmers, recording of Triathlon and multi-event races.
Swim Log Support
When you buy Swim Log you're not on your own. Twenty Trees Consulting offer e-mail support for questions about usage and how to get the best out of Swim Log. We are also happy to hear about your ideas as to how we can make Swim Log better. Many of these are included in new releases which all users are entitled to. For information about what is coming up, swimming in general, and about our users see the News area of the site. For support contact us at Swim Log Support. To see if anyone at your club is already a Swim Log user have a look at some of the clubs where we have users. To see more screen shots of the software we have used a third party site - click here for a slide show of just some of the Swim Log Screens

Read about us in the Swimming Times (pdf 777k)

Recent comments from users ...  

 I reckon that swim log is the best £17/18 worth of software available for virtually any purpose!  A hell of a claim but it comes with high quality support, which most low value products don't and provides all Swimming/Tri atheletes with everything that  they need in the form of a log system.  Congratulations!!!
Bob- City of Oxford

I dont think I could have got better service off of any other company.
I cant believe you went through all this with me and helped me so very much.  
I really appreciate your help

Karen in Ireland.



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For tracking best times, swimming stats, swim training softare, training times recording, distance covered, improvement logging Swim Log is the best software for swimmers available on the market. New features now in version 3 include unlimited swimmers, auto creation of Pace Swimmers, fast switch between PB's and targets, logging of triathlon results, recording of Modern Triathlon results, future event logging..and more
Welcome to a recent
new user from
Starplex Swim Club in Gawler, South Australia
New features for Squad managers. Unlimited times for unlimited swimmers, fast entry of times. Immediate club records by age, gender and swim course. Exports to CSV /XL of club records and all swimmers PB's. Approaching birthdays, club breakdown of swimmers...lots more.


Swim Log is a software product from Twenty Trees Consulting. 01663 741886
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