Swim Log
Swim Log Software for Swimmers
Swim Log Software for Swimmers and Triathletes.

  Swim Log is the ideal package for individuals and families to keep track of swimming PB's and all training activities. New features also make it great for triathletes and long distance swimmers who want to monitor their training and quickly see their distances and times graphically.
  Current Features
The creation of unlimited swimmers.
Logging of all timed swims against Short and Long Course distances from 25M to 1500M and SCY - 25 yds.
Immediate displays of Personal Best times and the history of all swims plus improvements made.
Fast switch display of PB's, Target Times, and difference between the two.
Graphical displays of improvement trends of the logged swims with adjustable scale.
Print outs of current Personal Best Times and PB's upto a specified date.
Creation of Best Time Files, that contain a swimmers PB’s, and which can be swapped with other users and imported into Swim Log for viewing.
Comparisons between two swimmers to show difference in time and distance. Comparisons between Courses.
Import of Time files from web site that hold times for fixed standard swimmers.

The manual creation of Target Times and comparison of these with current performance.
Creation of Pace Swimmers from Target Times
Short cut from main screen to create new target time for specified event.
Print out of target times.
Import from www.swim-log.co.uk of target times based on ASA sex/age group grades from AAA to C.
Logging of split times either as cumulative time or individual split. Easy display of logged splits and history.
The manual creation of Target Split Times and print out of same.
Modeling of new Target Splits based on established percentages of total race time.
Reminder date for next Gala
Definable hot buttons to favourite web sites
Quick tips screen optional on Start up of Swim Log
Maintenance and print of Swimmers CV to keep special performances or events.
Modeling of new Target Splits based on established percentages of total race time.
Logging of future events with warnings about next event coming.

Basic Logging of distances covered in training.
Graphical displays of training distance over a rolling 16 weeks and rolling 12 months.
Options to log all training data including set details, coach, pool, time of swim and duration.
Facility to use external Training Set templates or create and store your own.
Review screens for day by day training data.
Option to automatically copy training session to designated other swimmer.
Export of all training details for a specified date range into a format that can be emailed to coach.

For Long Distance Swimmers. - Logging of all swims by lap, meters, KM's or miles
Full graphical analysis of long distance swims - showing distance per nominated time or time per nominated distance
Graphical display of weekly and monthly logged distance for specified last 16 weeks or 12 months.
Optional switch of front screen to show weekly distance.

For Tri-athletes and cross training. Logging of Bike and run sessions.
Maintenance of route library with stored distance.
Full analysis of run of bike rides by route, distance - data in optional Miles or KM's
Graphical display of weekly distances logged for Bike, Run, and Long distance swim. Option to switch front screen.
Logging of Height, Weight and resting pulse.
Graphing of personal data
Reminder date and Swim Log reminder for next logging of personal data.
Logging of triathlon and multi-event race results. Switch screen between key details and full.
Maintainable library of multi-event races
Suitable for modern triathlon with record of shooting scores - score - out of - and distance of shoot.

Freen upgrades of all future versions.
System Requirements of Windows XP or greater and Screen resolution of 1024*768
Database back-up and restore facilities.
Dynamic link to the Swim Log web site.

Swim Log is a software product from Twenty Trees Consulting.
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