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Swim Log Configuration and Guide for Triathletes.

If you intend to use Swim Log as a triathlete then users may find it useful to make some changes to the configuration of the trial software which has been set for club and comptetion swimmers. The screen below maintains the Control Settings for Swim Log and is accessed from the Control menu option along the top of the main window. The settings shown in this screen are those most appropriate for Triathletes. The key points being the settings for

"Bike -Run Default" - sets the default when using the Bike Run Logging screen.
"Bike -Run unit Default" - sets the default unit for logging Bike and Run sessions.
"Show LD Swim, Bike Run Graphs on start" - changes the main screen to show the logged data for Long Distance Swims, Bike and Run Sessions.

Once these settings have been save the main screen will default to the graph of training distances logged over the last 16 weeks with the option to show all diciplines, by time or distance, and the option to scale the settings to provide a better visualisation of training. Example shown below. This data shows the training data leading up to the IronMan event held in Sherbourne by one of our users who finished the event in just under 14 hours. The data on show has been scaled by 5 on the bike rides and 2 on the runs simply to bring the data into a more meaningful view.
Swim Log is ideal for the logging and recording of triathlon training data, long distance swims, runs and bike rides.
Swim Log is a software product from Twenty Trees Consulting.
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